Jesús Arturo Devesa

Economist , MBA

Impact of Fiscal deficit reduction policies over economic sectors

Ideas and data for congressmen and senators:

Setting economic expectations - Ideas for politicians in order to solve problems - How to create jobs (09/03/11):

Establish retirement age based on four parameters: IQ, health, physical condition and wealth.

Prosperity is based on creation of products or services for which there is no current demand

Enacting a regressive tax- the more you earn, the lower rate you would pay- would be an important tool for economic growth in America.

Free market is a referee that is usually called to get into the game only when the players are broken.

Establish social dividend for low income pensioners.

The sale price of U.S. Treasury 10-year note suggests investors expect weak economic growth and below average inflation for the next decade.

Deleveraging takes time and it is painful

Explain any law, don't just publish it.

In order to spend less and collect more the tax system should distort fewer decisions.

Innovation is like the multiverse idea that suggests that there are other regions, equally impressive in size where conditions might be quite different.

Every economic platform will be always exploited by every technological and intellectual means possible.

Debt makes the market to go farther and farther out in maturity to get yield in investment.

Producing less with more workers leaves wages stagnant.

Rising supply and falling demand will not drive markets.

Easing the tax burden on business spurs investment.

Cutting the tax on reinvested corporate profits spurs growth.

Tax increases on higher incomes could hamper the productivity of wage earners.

Dependency from the government doesn't encourage gratitude but resentment

The country needs an education system that produces people with high skills and talent to plug into the global economy.

Computer programming should be mandatory in secondary-school education.

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