Jesús Arturo Devesa

Economist , MBA

Impact of Fiscal deficit reduction policies over economic sectors

We are a group of researchers working on ideas about fiscal deficit reductions.
These ideas are helping lawmakers and governments around the world.

Our algorithm for database search and mathematical models are designed to explore a variety of economic questions that allows us to formulate advanced economic solutions.
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Economic studies about Fiscal deficit reduction

List of economic studies we have been working on:


Advices to politicians to be re-elected
An efficient financial system - How an efficient financial system should be
Assumption - Fiscal deficit main assumption
A way to leave an economic crisis behind
Banning mergers and acquisition in banking reduces the federal fiscal deficit
Bailouts - When the bailout becomes profitable
Basic parameters for reducing fiscal deficits
Border enforcement
Business productivity growth and worker compensation growth
Confidence in the government, economic stimulus and deficit reduction
Congressmen and senators must make this question to be elected
Counterfactuals for policymakers
Credit bubbles and capital misallocation
Currency, wages and U.S. debt - Relationship
Customers, Government and Regulators
Decisions, probabilities and outcomes
Deficits and currency devaluations
Deleveraging in a non war economy
Economic crisis, inequality and income distributions
Economic problem solutions
Education system - Ideas for developing and funding a public education system
Effects of free markets
Employment - How to create jobs in U.S.
Fed and Treasury
Federal fiscal deficit - Why is so difficult to shrink the U.S. federal fiscal deficit problem?
Federal agencies in the United States - Number of federal agencies - Shutting down just 43 federal agencies
Federal government paying the bill of people who used to pay the bill themselves
Federal Reserve democratically elected
Federal Reserve strategic misrepresentations
Fed feeding the economy
Fiscal deficit reduction measures - How to cut spending on the big three entitlements programs: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
Food insecurity - Reducing older adult's vulnerability to food insecurity through state and federal fiscal policies
GDP needed for a welfare state
Government dimension to be productive
Higher- return investment
Homeownership and unemployment
Households and fiscal deficits
Immigration and unemployment
Income inequality versus income equality
Income redistribution
Inflation - How do you fight inflation if you cannot raise interest rates?
Issuing debt only available to city constituents
Financial markets and capital replacement in American politics
Fiscal deficit reduction through Community Colleges
Fiscal deficit reduction through competition
Fiscal deficit reduction through equity creation
Fiscal deficit reduction through immigration policies
Fiscal deficit reduction through tax reform
Fiscal deficit reduction through health policies
Fiscal deficit reduction through infrastructures
Fiscal deficit reduction through technology policies
Fiscal deficit reduction through real estate policies
Fiscal deficit reduction through innovation
Fiscal deficit reduction in cities and counties
Fiscal policy guide
Global formula for national success
Government delivering services by people who don't work for the government
Government market intervention and wealth
Growth and ownership
Jobs - Who really creates jobs?
Land and real estate
Mechanical model of Economy
Mergers and acquisitions - Requiring a company to capitalize just through organic growth
Millionaires - The necessity of millionaires to reduce fiscal deficits
Monetizing the debt - Fiscal Deficits and currency devaluation
People geared to ceaseless economic activity and people who want to live as they are accustomed
Political polls and happiness
Poverty - How to fight poverty
Printing money - What should be the main indicator for printing money?
Privatizing Social Security and abolishing entire federal departments
Pumping money into the financial system |Federal spending and structural problems
Putting money in the hands of job creators
Quantitative easing and deleveraging
Real estate values and fiscal deficits
Retirement age should be linked to life expectancy.
Sale of public jobs
Selling inflation-resistant assets
Setting economic expectations - Ideas for politicians in order to solve problems - How to create jobs
Small businesses and economic recessions
Small businesses and unemployment - Small business competition and unemployment
Social Security checks sent to millionaires
Spending and growth
Taxes - The difference between a low tax rate and a high tax rate
Tools for political candidates
Vouchers, inequality, meritocracy and poverty
Wealth creation and educated professionals
Wealth creators and economic crisis
Wealth, income, security and liquidity
Wealth is needed to create income
Wealthy people create wealth


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